How To

Create Stunning Wood Inlays!  

Although creating router based inlays is an idea that has been around for a while. Here at Tarter Woodworking, we have made it our mission to improve the quality, and overall process of making a detailed router based inlay. Below you will find information about how to create a router based inlay using our patented Multiple Layer Inlay Stencils as well as recommended tools and techniques for ensuring your finished project comes out nothing short of impressive. 

How to create a wood inlay using a
Multiple Layer Inlay Stencil (M.L.I.S.)  
This detailed instructional video will tell you everything you need to know about creating a wood inlay using a M.L.I.S. in less than 10 min.!
 How to Install a Router Inlay Kit
 A short video that illustrates how to install the router inlay kit with a centering pin by Whiteside.


How to Suggest a Custom M.L.I.S. Design
We want to create stencils that you can fall in love with. If you want to create an inlay but cant decide on a project or aren't in love with any particular design we have made....maybe thinking about these questions will help.

Ponder the following questions:

1. Who and what do I love?

ex.- kids, mom, dad, grandparents, brother, sister, friends, pets, hunting, fishing, sports, woodworking...

2. What are my loved ones passionate about?

ex.- play, eating, laughing, helping, gardening, drinking, golf, fishing, design...

3. Is there an image or symbol that resonates with this persons soul or personality?

ex.-zodiac symbol, emotion, faith, beliefs, Animals, peace, war...

4. What can I give to the person I love that will be special to them to have and cherish forever?

Why you are thinking, browse Google images, and Pinterest for inspiration while the people and things you love are fresh in your mind.

Here are some project ideas…

Cutting boards

Wall art

Bedroom furniture

Boxes of all sorts



Home accents


Tree Ornaments

Drink coasters

....what else can you think of?!!!

 Then Finally, submit the form on the contact us page and let us know about your idea so we can see about getting that inlay made! 
 Hope this helps gets those creative juices going!


What project would you like to add an inlay to?
Table, Chair or furniture of some kind
A Wooden box project
Cutting Board or Small project
Wall Art
Dont Know
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